An Epic Cake for the Imagine Dragons

Imagine_Dragons_Cake_3wmA few months ago my husband Bobby found out that the band Imagine Dragons was going to be coming to Utah and being fans, he wanted to go.

Lucky for us, we are friends with the manager of the band (who is also the brother of the lead singer).

So Bobby messaged his buddy to see if he knew which seats would be the best to get and in conversations we came to the conclusion that I would make them a cake and they would give us tickets to the show.

Nice, right?

So the first step was designing the cake. I wanted the cake to be something that would mean something to the Imagine Dragons not just some generic cake.

I started thinking about all of the amazing artwork by Tim Cantor that is a huge part of the albums and even their music video “Shots”.

It’s just really cool stuff and obviously something that Imagine Dragons likes so that’s the direction I wanted to go.

The next part was deciding which of the amazing paintings of Tim Cantor I wanted to use. The album cover for Imagine Dragon’s latest album “Smoke + Mirrors” ended up being my choice since they are doing the Smoke + Mirrors tour.


So that was the topper and a focal point of the cake but I needed something that could have a bit of cake in it because I figured that they would want the cake to feed the crew too.

I didn’t want to do just ordinary tiers of cake with such an intense topper so with the brainstorming help of my sister and husband I decided that the bottom would be the cover of their last album “Night Visions” (made by Evgenji Soloviev).

Night Visions

It was a challenge deciding how to do the tall brick pillars and maintain the feel of them being isolated from each other. It seemed to be an important part of the artists vision. But doing a bunch of 2 inch wide by 10 inch tall tiers of cake was going to be a massive feat that I wasn’t willing to take on not to mention that it would just not be enough cake.

In the end, the answer was to airbrush the cake in multiple colors to mimic the dark, colorful clouds and then build the pillars and attach them to the cake.

The hands were the part of the cake that I stressed about most. I knew I could pull off everything else but hands are hard! Getting them to look realistic and the right proportions is a challenge. So I just started and it ended up coming together.


I was really pretty happy with the results. I loved the comments that I have gotten on the hands. A few people have said that it looks like I chopped off someones hand and put them on the cake. I guess that means I did a decent job.

The bird was a breeze after the hands although It took some work to get the bird to look like the bird on the album cover. The body of the bird is modeling chocolate and the wings are made from wafer paper.


Then it was time to make the pillars. The texture on the pillars was like old cracking bricks  but much smaller than any texture mats that are out there so I used a piece of lace and a grosgrain textured rolling pin to create the texture that I wanted. They were made by cutting pieces of fondant with tylose added and left to dry. Once dried, I glued them together with royal icing just like you would with a gingerbread house. Then I airbrushed them and attached them to the sides of the cake.

And this is how it all came together!


I loved some of the comments that have been written about this cake so I though I would share a few.

“I just don’t understand how that’s a cake! I mean really, whose hands did you chop off to make that??”

“I would sell my house for a cake identical to this”

“I will give you my dog for a piece of that cake”

“I’m crying at the beauty of this.”

“OMG That’s the best cake ever. Crying”

“That looks like someone was thinking of God when they made this cake!!!”

“I want to stare at this cake for 5 hours and then smash my face into it!”

“Night Visions AND Smoke+Mirrors album art in one??? Don’t eat it, it belongs in the louvre”

I have some videos coming that show parts of the process of making this cake. I think you will really like them but I’m deciding how to make the video. Should I do fast motion through the process and make it something just fun to watch or do you want a slowed down version with explanations of everything?