CakeFu Masters Training: Adam Starkey and Ted Scutti

Ted & Adam SSCS Headshot WebThis week we have the amazing cake duo Adam Starkey and Ted Scutti to teach us all how to land those high-end clients we all dream of.
At Sugar Sugar Cake Studio, Ted Scutti and Adam Starkey take great pride in creating one of a kind wedding and speciality cakes for the most chic and exclusive events in Arizona.
Ted’s interest in the sugar arts began in high school when he decorated ice cream cakes part-time at Baskin-Robbins.  After an extended leave from cake decorating to attend college and graduate school and then to work 11 years in the field of consulting,
Ted reignited his interest in cakes by baking a red velvet cake for a dinner party.  Over the successive years, he created increasingly more elaborate cakes for friends and family and ultimately formed Sugar Sugar Cake Studio with Adam in 2009.

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