A Cake Decorator’s Ferguson Tragedy turns to Triumph

10363578_728119437270076_1839473495741275577_nI usually stay away from anything political or religious. But today is an exception.

I’m not going to get into any political or legal opinions but this was such an amazing thing to see that I just had to share!

With the tragedy of what is happening in Ferguson right now, the news is reeling with negativity and devastation.

But in all of the tragedy there is triumph. There are good people doing amazing things and it is just what we need to be focused on right now.

Five hours ago (from the time that I started this post) a Kickstarted was posted by Natalie Dubose of Ferguson, Missouri. Natalie had worked hard selling cakes at flea markets to pull together enough money to open a bakery. Because of her hard work and determination she was able to open her shop in Ferguson.


Well, with all of the recent looting, her dreams were shattered. . . . literally.

Natalie’s storefront windows were broken and damage was done to the inside of the shop. All of her hopes and dreams were taken from her in such a horrible way.

In what I’m sure was a moment of desperation and after being urged by a friend, Natalie created a Kickstarter page to try and help a little bit with the cost and to try to start the ominous task of rebuilding.

The most amazing thing has happened. In just five hours over $40,000 have been raised for Natalie and the donations just keep pouring in!

There are so many wonderful people out there. So many of us that are doing what we can where we can and making the world a better place. And while I’m sure that there are donations that have come from “cake muggles”, it really is a testament to the cake decorating community and the fact that we rally around those in need whenever we can.

If you have the means, or if you just want to offer words of support and encouragement for Natalie, check out her Kickstarter page.

You can also see a news segment that she was on about the the effects of her looting.