7 Ways to Make Fondant Ruffle Flowers

Ruffle Flower CollageMother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to show the special women in your lives that you love and appreciate them than with a beautiful flower that you can eat?

Of course, these can be used for any other occasion but it fit well with Mother’s Day in my mind.

There are some very talented decorators out there that have come up with some really great tutorials on how to make fondant ruffle flowers and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Whether you prefer to work with fondant, gum paste, or modeling chocolate, these tutorials should work well with any of these mediums.

How to make a Ruffle Flower Version 1

IMG_548This first tutorial is by Vanessa of bellacupcakes.blogspot.com. In this tutorial, Vanessa shows step by step how to make a very simple but beautiful ruffle flower.

Vanessa’s method is to use four different sizes of metal rings. She cuts four pieces of fondant in the four different sizes for each flower.

Then she shows how to ruffle the ends using a ball tool and a toothpick.

And finally, they are placed together to make the layered ruffles of the flower.

I love how she uses the ball tool at the end to close it all up.

How to Make a Ruffle Flower Version 2

DSC_0165-540x358This tutorial is by Tatiana at deliciadesigns.com

Like the first tutorial, you start with round pieces of fondant. The difference with this one is that you only use one cutter. You cut out five circles of the same size.

The edges of the circles are not ruffled in this tutorial but I’m sure that you could still ruffle them. They will just look different than the one shown.

Then the circles are folded to create the ruffles. There are four circles folded into quarters for the bottom part of the flower and then the fifth circle is placed on the top to complete the flower.

I really like how clean this is and not as frilly.

How to make a Ruffle Flower Version 3

scrunchfondantI think I would choose this as the most simple version of a ruffle flower. Linda from callmecupcake.se madethis tutorial.

Note: For some reason, I can’t link directly to her tutorial so once you are on her site, look for the entry from May 12th, 2011.

In this tutorial, a single cutter is used and only one piece of fondant is used as well. Linda prefers gum paste instead of fondant.

This method could be used to make carnation flowers. She ruffles the edges of a single circle and then scrunches it in the middle to make the flower.

It is a fairly small flower but the larger the circle, the more ruffles you will have.

How to Make a Ruffle Flower with a Jewel Center

Rose-on-Cake (1)Melissa from thebakedequation.com shows how to make this gorgeous vintage ruffle flower.

The method of this flower is almost the same as the method of the first version by Vanessa. You start by cutting four different sizes of circles and you ruffle and layer them the same way.

There are two major differences though.

First, the circle cutters that Melissa uses are fluted. This makes a little bit of a difference in the final flower.

Second, the final step of closing up the flower is left out and in it’s place a fondant jewel is added to the center.

This is a great way to add that extra something to a bunch of ruffles.

How to Make a Large Ruffle Flower For the Side of a Cake

IMG_3021 (1)I have always been a huge fan of cakes with ruffle flowers that look like they are growing right out of the side of a cake.

This ruffle flower is made by Melissa from mycakeschool.com.

Melissa wanted to make a cake based on a favorite t-shirt of her daughters. She shows a picture of the shirt and then how she makes the flower.

Instead of using circles, she uses 1/2 inch wide strips of fondant. The edges on one side get ruffled and then the ruffles are glued onto the cake in a circle that will be the outside of the flower.

Then you just keep  adding layers inside of that circle until you reach the center. It’s a big effect for not too much work.

How to Make a Ruffle Rose Covered Cake

sweet16This ruffle tutorial by Joly from vivalasugarcake.blogspot.com is so pretty! These ruffle rose cakes are so popular right now. Everyone should know how to make them.

It is similar to the last tutorial by Melissa at MyCakeSchool but in reverse.

You start with strips of fondant. Joly did not ruffle her strips of fondant.

Basically, you take the strips of fondant and start in the center and wrap it around bunching in places and using toothpicks to hold everything in place.

Then you do that all over the cake until it is completely covered. Stunning.

How to Make a Fondant Pom Pom

400109_368429523184143_343016564_n (1)This last tutorial is really fun it takes the ruffled flower and turns it into a cool puffy pom pom, another really popular thing right now.

Sophie from Sophie Bifield Cake Company made this gorgeous pom pom cake in the best shades of purple. And she shows how she made her amazing pom poms.

You start with a half of a fondant ball. Then you cut 2-3 inch strips of fondant and ruffle one side.

Then you scrunch up the fondant and attach it to the ball starting on the bottom and working your way up.

Isn’t it cool?


I think there is a time and place for each of these ruffle flowers. Do you have a different way of making them?

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    Impressive what you can really do with the fondant, rather than flowers worked. I love it!

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