Cake Spackle for Smooth Cakes

We are always looking for more great tips on getting a smooth finish on our cakes. One really big problem is when fondant bubbles and buckles in the middle of a cake tier.

What happens is we bake a cake, tort it, fill it, and then frost it. All is well until it settles and the spot where the cake has been filled bulges out.

There are a few ways to combat this problem and you may have heard most of them already. Well, Erica O’Brien has written a great article on her blog The Art of the Wedding Cake that I would suggest you check out. This method is not as well known and it gives a nice smooth canvas to frost your cake.

I first learned about this method during my Ultimate Cake-Off debut. I had made the obvious mistake of purchasing, rather than baking, my cakes (it was a time thing). When the cakes arrived, I knew we were sunk. The cake was a soft crumbly mess.

Luckily someone on my team, I can’t remember if it was Susan Fox or Paula Ames, said, “Just make some cake spackle!”

I looked at them like they were speaking a foreign language. I had never had to worry about terrible cake before because I baked many-a cake to get them just right, so I had never had to go looking for the solution of cake spackle. Then they explained what cake spackle was. It’s cake pops! It’s just mixing cake crumbs with frosting. Genius!

So check out this method first introduced by the amazing Toba Garret in her book “The Well-Decorated Cake”
and made into a great tutorial by Erica O’Brien and let me know what you think. In my opinion, it is like the ultimate crumb coat.

Have you tried this method? Do you love it? Do you have another way of doing things?

4 Responses to Cake Spackle for Smooth Cakes

  1. Oh wow…that’s genius!

  2. Cindy Lynam says:

    this will save a lot of cakes for sure..thanks for sharing this with us

  3. Paula Ames says:

    It was me. Thanks for remembering… Nice though. I thought I was YOUR ROCK!!! 🙁

    I ripped it off from someone else too, though. I can’t remember where either.

  4. You were and are and always will be my rock Paula!! 🙂

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