CakeFu Masters Training: Lisa Bugeja

We have had some really great trainings lately and this coming training will not be any different.

Lisa Bugeja is the award winning artist and creative force behind Flour Confections which has been featured in numerous publications such as Brides Magazine, Toronto Life, Fashion Magazine, American Cake Decorating, Bakers Journal, and Many more.

Lisa has also been seen on CTV’s Canada AM, assistant to Ashlee Perkins on Food Network Challenge, and assistant to Matthew Somers on Cake Walk, and has won numerous awards including 2nd Runner Up in the Grand Wedding Cake Competition at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

She has taught at numerous venues is North America as well has judged cake competitions in Canada and in the USA. Lisa will be teaching us how to make a modern and amazing cake using her incredible line of geometric shaped cutters.

With credentials like this, how could we go wrong? We are so excited to have Lisa come and share her amazing knowledge and talents with us.

Join us this coming Tuesday, November 20th, 2012 at 10:30 am PST

Please register for the above meeting by visiting this link:

Once you have registered, we will send you the information you need to join the webinar.

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Update: Thank you Lisa for a wonderful webinar!

Click here to watch the replay.

2 Responses to CakeFu Masters Training: Lisa Bugeja

  1. Susan Shortridge says:

    Hi I was just wondering and have asked this question before but have not gotten an answer. When we click in for the training sessions are we suspose to be watching something or is it strickly listening? Please send me and answer and problem solver if we are suspose to be viewing.


    • Susan, It is a slide presentation with a voice interview. You should see a series of pictures beginning with an introduction page to our CakeFu Master. If you don’t see anything, I would suggest trying a different web browser or making sure that all of your plug-ins are updated. Hope this helps.

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