Faux Finishes with Fondant Cakes


Faux Finishes on fondant can be exactly what your cake needs to really round out the look of the cake.   If going for a nautical theme, wood grain can look amazing.  Aged, and antiqued finishes can take a cake from looking one dimensional, to a completely different level.

Imagine one color of fondant, brown.  You’ve put the impressions in the wood, but it just doesn’t look right, I’m not convinced.  Now add color, texture, and dimension, and it has become so much more charming, and high end.  Not only has it made your cake worth so much more monetarily, but it’s now believable.  I see it, and I believe this is aged wood, or leather, or suede.  This is not by any means an exhaustive list, just a shortlist of some of the tutorials I’ve come across in my journey.

There are so many finishes we can delve into, for now, we are solely focusing on wood, leather, and the popular aged, crackle finish.  There are many different ways to achieve this, and each, when you look very closely will deliver a stellar, but completely different finish.

So let’s jump into this.  Are you ready?!  I am!  I’ve been so stoked to bring to you these amazing artists!!

Painted Aged Wood Effect


Okay, a moment of silence if you will.
Do you see this?  This painted aged wood effect, is absolutely the most clever design.  Kara has logged some serious time in her lab, -er- kitchen, to create a realistic, warm, multi-faceted look to fondant.  The fun variations and tones achieved here, are to die for.   If you desire a trending look, for your cake, that will really tie in quite a few cake styles with this one effect, just stop looking right now, this premium tutorial is available right here: Kara’s Painted Aged Wood Effect for Cakes by Kara’s Couture Cakes


Weathered Fondant Tutorial

cakes by kass

Kassy Jimenez has created this fun weathered fondant look, using wafer paper.

Watch this free video to see how she accomplished the look.  She played around with this in her kitchen until she got the look she wanted to achieve.

I love when artists experiment until they get it right.  No thought of time, or ingredients, or failed attempts.  They just know they have an end in sight and will go to lengths to achieve it.  Makes my cakey heart so happy!

Click here for the free YouTube tutorial >> Weathered Fondant Tutorial using Wafer Paper by Kassy Jimenez of Cakes & Crafts Kass


Easy Tree Bark Effect


This fun look was originally created by Rebekah for a whole other tutorial she’d created.  She thought about how it would make an amazing bark, and tweaked it to give it a “cracked” look.  Rebekah uses royal icing in the coolest way, eva!!  Totally makes me think of it for a birch tree, I could see a person really playing with this specific tutorial to trick out their cake!

Find her free tutorial here>> Tree Bark Tutorial by Rebekah Naomi Cake Design



Crackled Effect

angela morrison crackle finish

Angela Morrison has a great technique here.  She actually takes the fondant and layers it, and then rolls it flatt and stretches it.  It’s crazy smart!  This girl knows her fondant.  Angela is known for her textures and roses.  She’s used this look for her most recent cake.  This is just a snippet of what she’s about to release, but she gave us a sneak peek first!  How great is that!!!?

Find her free tutorial here> The Crackled Effect by Cakes by Angela Morrison



Suede Fondant


This GORGEOUS look is kind of amazing how easily achieved it is!!  You look at it and think, “Hmm, must need some special gizmo to make this work”.  Yeah, not so much.  Ashlee made this AMAZING tutorial in this step by step process.  Read it, learn it, use it forever more.  And the little accoutrements she has on there, make my inner cake lady squeee!!

To see how, click here>> Suede Fondant Effect by Ashlee Marie



Elisa Strauss’s Leather Finish


distressed leather elisa straussElisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes has this fun little free tutorial out on YouTube to show how she demonstrates a distressed leather finish with her Marvelous Mold.  I love the way she brings it to life, by doing the opposite and aging the leather.  By using powder and getting it into the crevices it makes it pop!  She’s one smart cookie!

You’ll find her creating fab tutorials for Craftsy and working endlessly to make amazing art!

Free video here>> Distressed Leather Finish by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes


Wood Grain Effect


Wood Grain.  We love it, we use it for everything.  It’s our “go-to” board covering.  And so many different techniques out there to choose from.  I found this fun tutorial by the ever talented Erin Schwartz.

Definitely a tutorial for your cake tool box!

Find tutorial here: Wood Grain Board Effect by Erin Schwartz of Stacked



All of these looks can be used either on a cake, or on your board for a finished look.  It very much tailors the cake to the specific client and style you’re going for.   We would love to hear your feedback and what some of your favorite faux finishes are.  Animal print is always fun, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. Love this post Amber thanks for sharing all these fun and great techniques. I’ve used Kass Jimenez’s technique on my winning wedding cake design at the recent San Antonio Frosting Creators SAS 2016 show. Love the rustic but elegant effect I was able to achieve.

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