Feature Friday: Kaysie Lackey

Just when you think tree stump wedding cakes are on their way out of style, this cake comes along and makes it so fresh and new.

This cake was made by the extremely talented Kaysie Lackey, owner of The People’s Cake in Seattle, Washington. Kaysie has made several versions of this same cake. It must be a popular one at her shop and I can see why.


This modern version has more of a grey toned ‘bark’ with an almost yellow center; a very current color scheme.

And I can’t get over the succulents that she has made and put in some of these.

Aren’t these cakes so amazing? And guess what? When I asked Kaysie if I could feature her cake, she informed me that she is in the process of making a how-to video for this cake! Isn’t that great? I sure think it is.

So out of these versions of Kaysie’s cake, which one do you like the best? It was hard to choose but I do have my favorite.


19 Responses to Feature Friday: Kaysie Lackey

  1. Teresa Lopez says:

    OMG!! She’s amazing! I love the one that is not tilted and have the yellow center the more modern version one! Love the flowers as well! True art!

  2. Carla Jo says:

    She’s the best! Love the succulents!

  3. Lori Holbrook says:

    I LOVE the balance one….I have taken a class with Kaysie and is so talented and a great teacher….can’t wait for this how to video!!!

  4. Anne Heap says:

    Beautiful! What a talent!

  5. Leslie Grant says:

    I’ve also taken classes with Kaysie. She is a very talented teacher with a larger-than-life personality! Can’t wait for the video!!

  6. Leda Miranda says:

    Kaysie, I live in northwest indiana and I work for DESSERT MENU. I looooove your Stump tree cakes!… when your video is coming up?… Thanks you. you are an inspiration.


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  10. Faye says:

    love this cake!! where can we find the how to video? thanks for sharing!

  11. Bonnie Yarbrough says:

    Hi can you please tell me where I can get the video of the tree stump cake. thank you

  12. Evelyn says:

    I hope your video it out really soon. My grandson if getting married in May and loves your Tilted birch tree. I would love to take classes with you but I live in Bethlehem, NH. Would you please let me know if the video you are making is ready? I have made all of our family wedding cakes but none like this one. Thank you in advance. Beautiful!!!!

    • Evelyn says:

      I love the cake that tilts in one direction and then another. Am trying to find the video for that one with no luck. Would like to know how she has just a single edge of the cake touching and still holds up. Is it Styrofoam wedges or a support made out of pvc piping.

  13. Michelle Henderson says:

    I would love to have her make this cake for my wedding!

  14. Evelyn says:

    I purchased the video. It does not cover the tilted version but it is good enough to get you thru it. You can purchase it from cakemasters.com. It is excellent

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  16. kristy says:

    I can’t find the video anywhere…. Can someone point me in the right place? Blessings

  17. Darius brown says:

    I love it

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