How to Create Even Vertical Stripes

This tutorial will show you how to achieve perfectly straight vertical stripes on your cakes.  You can use this technique with cakes, cupcakes, and petit fours.   For fun you can even cut your stripes edges with a zig zag or a ruffle cutter.










First cut out a circle the same size as your cake using tracing paper.  Lay the circle on a dividing mat to get even lines.  Trace the lines according on how may stripes you want you cake to have.  We choose 12 small stripes.

*TIP* If you do not have a dividing mat simply fold the circle of paper in half over and over until you have the desired amount of lines.  

Lay the tracing paper circle on the top of your cake, making sure it is centered.

 *TIP* Set the cake on top of the dividing mat and line up the lines with the lines on the top piece of tracing paper to insure perfectly straight edges.  

Line up your stripes of fondant with the lines on the paper (and the lines on the mat under your cake board if you followed the last tip).  Cut them at the top and bottom then glue them on with icing, water, or vanilla extract.

*TIP* Hold your strip of fondant at the top of the cake and allow gravity to pull it straight down the sides.

Attach all of the stripes to the cake using this method.  Add a border to finish it off.

*TIP*Add a plaque or bow to the top of the cake to hide the ends of the stripes. 

Sidney is a cake designer, instructor and has the distinction as the youngest student to ever complete the Ecole Chocolat School of the Chocolate Arts program. Her shop, Simi Cakes & Confections (Pronounced See-Me) is located in Melbourne, Florida.

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  1. Trish Riemer says:

    Thank you Sidney! This is such a simple idea now that you have demonstrated it. A lot of times, some of us just don’t see the simplicity in things, but you are just amazing. I learn something every time I come in contact with you! Maybe I can move to Melbourne when I am “older” and work at your shop! LOL

  2. Thanks Trish!! You are hired! See you in August!

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