How to Make a Car Cake

Lisa makes many car cakes for her clients and teaches a popular class on the topic.  Here is how she creates a car out of cake.








Bake a 12”x18” cake 2” high. Cut lengthwise and fill and stack.  Wrap with plastic wrap and chill to make the carving easier.

Print out photos of the car from the Internet from all angles – front, side and rear.  Find blueprint templates on the Internet (see photo) and increase the dimensions to 18” long.  Cut out the templates and put the side-view on each side of the cake and use it as a guide to carve the cake. Use the top template to carve the shape of the hood and trunk. This process is very easy since the template does all the work.

Cut the top template to isolate roof line, Place the template on top of cake to serve as a guide to carve out the cab. The side windows angle up from the lower part of the window to the roof template. Fine tune all the sharp angles, using your car photos as a guide. You can cut out the tires now or wait until after you apply the fondant.

Ice the entire cake with buttercream or chocolate ganache. Chill the cake.

Make a parchment pattern of the entire top cap from the front to rear window.  Cut this shape out of thinly rolled black or grey modeling chocolate and cover roof and front and back windows. Trim as needed. Cut two rectangle pieces from the modeling chocolate and apply to side windows and trim as need. At this point the entire top of the cab should be covered in modeling chocolate including all windows.

Impress black modeling to make a grill type pattern.  Cut out a piece the size of the front of the car where the grill will show.  If the hood or wheel wells have a lot of dimension, cut a piece of modeling chocolate out in this shape and add to the car. All these additions go under the final fondant covering.

Fondant the entire cake and sharpen any corners as needed using the photos as your guide. Tuck the bottom edge under the cake for a clean finish. Use a modeling tool to make impressions for the hood, lights, side door, etc.  Use a very sharp exacto knife to cut out the windows and grill.  Add the side mirror with a half of toothpick inserted into the cake. Airbrush the entire cake. Paint the front lights silver and the back lights red.

Cut out three 3/16” foamcore boards each 4”x14” and glue stacked on top of each other. Cover with black fondant. Use royal icing to “glue” this to a black fondant covered board. Place the car on top of this, secured by royal icing.  Add the tires.



Lisa Rochelle is the owner of Sweet Grace, Cake Designs (custom cakes) and Mod Cakery (a pre-designed line of cakes). Lisa’s cake designs have been featured in many magazines and online blogs.

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  1. Mehrnoosh says:

    Hi I have seen your amazing car cake,do you teach how to make a car cake as well?my son birthday is in 6 month time,I would love to be able to make a car cake for him ,please let me know if you do teach it,I appreciate it so much ,thank you

  2. Bobby Carbine says:

    Sorry we at Cakefu have not responded to your post sooner. This post is a guest post, so if you would like to know if Lisa teaches classes on her car cakes, probably the best thing to do would be to contact her directly. Her facebook page is, or you could email her at I hope that helps.

  3. melody kavu says:

    woooow nice, I would love to learn more

  4. malou says:

    Thank you for your step by step instructions on how to make a car cake it helps and i would just like to request and hoping that you can to have pictures on its step especially for beginners like me.

  5. Jessica says:

    On the blueprint did you have to purchase from site? And if so can you up the dimensions on computer I’m guessing it’s a PDF file? Awesome cake!! Thanks!

  6. zeh says:

    Thanks for sharing! How much is a car cake like this big in the market? 🙂

    • Pricing is a very difficult thing to address because every location has a different price range that people are willing to pay and it also depends on the quality of ingredients that you put into the cake and how many details go into each type of car. But for the sake of throwing numbers out, I would suggest that this cake be made for no less than $200 in any US area. Hope that gives you a place to start.

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