How to Make an Easy 3D Dog Cake That’s Sure to Impress

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a 2 foot long sculpted dog cake.  It uses 6 11″x15″ cakes so it may seem overwhelmingly big at first, but it is easy to carve and will be the center of attention at any party.  This dog cake will serve 100 people.  One of the things I like about the design of this cake is it can be used for many different animals.  Change to a round head and lengthen the tail a little bit and it could be a cat. Or if you look at the cake before the head is put on it almost looks like a cooked turkey (with a few carving tweaks and then add some color and texture).  You can also try painting the dog’s coat so it matches a certain dog, or adding spots, collars, bows, and different accessories to customize this cake for yourself!

Make sure to use a very heavy board when working on this cake.  I like to cover a ¾” plywood board in fabric or fondant.  I then cover my board with wax paper to keep my board clean.  As I carve I can clean the board easily.  Then I just remove the extra wax paper you can see and it looks like I just placed the dog there at the end instead of building him on the board.

We start with 6-11×15″ cakes layered for the body and legs.  We filled them with plain buttercream (clients choice), but you can use any filling.

Carve the back legs using a large bread knife.  We had our dog lying down so we carved the back legs in a flat shape and layered it against the side of the cake.

Carve the front legs from more cake slices and make sure the front of the paws are sloped to mimic the curve on a dogs paw.  Also add a wedge of cake where the neck would be to support the head that will be laying on it.

Crumb coat the entire body and legs.

Carve a small tail and secure the back legs with straws. Always make sure to tell who ever is cutting the cake where each of the straws are!

Carve the head using the bread knife.  Make sure you have two flat spots on the side of the heads for the ears to lay.

Cover the cake in a layer of fondant with a color you would like your dog to be.  Our client chose white.

Cover the head in the desired color of fondant and add features such as eyes, a nose, indents for his mouth, lines on the paws, fur, and other characteristics you want your dog to have.

Mold large triangles for his ears and insert skewers into the base to hold them onto the head.  Dry over a rolling pin or other rounded surface before attaching.

Use more straws in the paws and neck area of the body for support and attach the head to the dog’s body with royal icing.

Sidney is a cake designer, instructor and has the distinction as the youngest student to ever complete the Ecole Chocolat School of the Chocolate Arts program. Her shop, Simi Cakes & Confections (Pronounced See-Me) is located in Melbourne, Florida.

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    Great Job Sydney,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Pat Mullin,
    Ocala Cake Club

  3. tammy walker says:

    Sydney you did a very ood job on this cake can’t wait to try this myself sometime I am so happy you are willin to share thanks



  5. Suzie says:

    Amazing cake, how do you think you could make it a springer spaniel?

  6. Suzie says:

    I need to serve 25 people at the most, could you halve the size of the cakes to make the result smaller?

  7. Nicki says:

    Could you give me any tips on making an edible springer spaniel as a cake decoration? X

  8. Clare says:

    Hi. Reading your steps trying to work out which part of 6 cakes are for which body part! Three for body, one for back legs? Which cake for head and front legs please?

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