How to make easy Ombre Cakes

I know I have mentioned Ombre Cakes before in posts but I just can’t seem to get enough of it right now! I guess you could say I have a slight obsession. Don’t believe me?

Well, just check out all of these tutorials I spent all of my free time searching for. There are a bunch of different ideas on how to create an ombre effect on a cake.

I included buttercream and fondant techniques, from easy to a little more advanced. But all of these are very achievable.

Hopefully by the time I get through with this post I’ll be able to focus on something else for a while. Probably not…

How to Make a Basic Buttercream Ombre Cake

Are you looking for a quick and simple cake that makes a big impression? This buttercream ombre cake by Seton Hurson Rossini at is the perfectly stylish way to go. Seton even made the colors out of pomegranate to make a dye free and tasty cake.

This tutorial gives you a recipe as well as a series of pictures on how to achieve the ombre look. And it is so easy to accomplish. In fact I owe a cake to a neighbor. I think this may just be the cake I make.

How to Make a Bouquet of Roses Ombre Cake

Over at there is this great tutorial on how to make another ombre style cake. I love this one. It is another easy to do cake that gives a great effect.

Most cake decorators know how to make a simple rosette. It’s one of the first things taught in basic cake decorating classes.

So as long as you know how to make a rosette, this cake is… well, a piece of cake!

How to make an Ombre Petal Cake

Here is another ombre cake method done by Leslie at This cake is yet another easy project.

I would imagine it will take a little time to pipe each dot and then smooth it out but it definitely looks well worth the time.

It would be fun to experiment with different sizes of round piping tips to see how it would look with larger or smaller petals.

How to make an Ombre Ruffled Dress Cookie

Let’s go in the direction of fondant now. Yes these are cookies and not cake but it’s the same technique, right? Plus look at them! Aren’t they so cute?

These ruffle cookies made by Linda at are adorable. These would make such a fun teen fashion party favor.

Also in this tutorial, Linda shows an ombre ruffled dress cake that she made to match with the cookies.

How to Make an Ombre Ruffle Cake

Ruffles are so trendy right now and so is ombre. So of course an ombre ruffled cake is going to be all the rage.

This tutorial by Bronnie at is actually a series of video tutorials. The first tutorial takes you through coloring your cake batter to get an ombre cake batter effect.

The second takes you through stacking and filling the cake layers and the third video is the one that shows how to accomplish this ruffle look.


There! Now you all know how much I love Ombre. I think I may just have to make an ombre cake to get this out of my system though. Then again, maybe it will just feed my obsession. Do you love it as much as I do?

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  1. Kym says:

    Yes, I also have fallen hard for ombré

  2. Michelle Davis says:

    Love these!

  3. Danielle says:

    I think I need to make one also, I’ve been eyeing these for a while the color possibilities are endless! Thanks

  4. Romona Flowers says:

    I been dying to do this technique and could not find a nice tutorial . I think you hit the mark. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. nawal ismail says:

    I love those Ombre cakes.My little sister always wanted one.They really look delicious.I wonder ,how do you make them.

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