How to Make Fondant Ruffles


Ruffles are all the rage. Everywhere you look in fashion you’ll see some kind of flounce or ruffle. They’re in clothing, accessories, even in home decor.

And since ruffles are so trendy right now, they are going to be seen in cake also.

Ruffles can be done in many ways to give a specific look and feel. They can be in vertical or horizontal lines, swirled around to look like flowers, ruffles going up, ruffles going down…. just about anything goes with ruffles.

Once you know how to make a basic ruffle, you are pretty much set to be able to make most ruffle designs. Here is a great video tutorial from Ashlee Perkins at Savannah Custom Cakes on how to make fondant ruffles.

2 Responses to How to Make Fondant Ruffles

  1. ene babade says:

    I simply love it!!! Very educative. Pls keep me informed.

  2. Michelle says:

    This isn’t fondant, though. 🙁 She said its gum paste & modeling chocolate. Not helpful to me.

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