Modeling Chocolate: Which do you prefer?

We LOVE modeling chocolate.  We do.  It works so well, you have the workability to cover up all the lines and wrinkles.  You can smooth it out so well.  You can make it in 50/50 fondant/modeling chocolate ratios, for a wonderful moxie to use on many different things.

But what about when you seem to have SO MUCH TROUBLE?  Like, when you mix it and it is totally crumbly.   Or you just overmixed it by two strokes, and now it’s a giant oily mess of which there is no return.  That makes me insanely crazy.  The kind of crazy, when you are really just >–< this close to throwing a block of said crumbly chocolate-ish sort of mixture, out the window, and spending the rest of the day binge watching Netflix and eating a tub of ice cream.  You’ve never done that?  Just me?  Okay well, I have issues.  So let’s learn from my mistakes.

I’m going to give you some of the top modeling chocolate recipes and when all else fails, one that I personally can vouch for if you want to just buy it, no hassle involved.

Shawna McGreevy’s Modeling Chocolate

modeling-chocolate Okay, foolproof modeling chocolate right here folks.  Easy.  Quick.  Done.

Read her directions.  Watch the video if you need to.  Then make it.

Biggest downfall in making your own recipe for modeling chocolate, or any recipe really, is failure to follow directions.  This one is my personal fave.

Find it here:  McGreevy Cakes Modeling Chocolate



Jessica Harris’s Modeling Chocolate

MC3Next up we have the fabulous Jessica Harris.  We love her.  We want to be like her when we grow up.  We just love all that she has shown us.  Modeling Chocolate is no exception.

Easy and straightforward, her website has an AMAZING troubleshooting area where you can check to see where you went wrong.  Head over, and see what the haps is.

Find Jessica’s Recipe here:  Jessica Harris Modeling Chocolate


Artisan Cake Company’s Modeling Chocolate

perfect-modeling-chocolate-recipe-480x480 Lizzo Marek has a recipe that’s easy to use and make, whether it’s candy melts as the base or real chocolate, lots of us use this recipe.  Again, she has video’s for just about everything under the sun.

She can guide you on your way to making some amazing modeling chocolate.

Find her recipe on her website here: Artisan Cake Company



Lucy Cake Design

12705176_1018540314884361_2935437268339168970_nListen.  If you tried, and failed, and tried again, there is NO shame in just buying it already made.  I mean, why keep throwing away, or saving for a rainy day, (but secretly planning to fix, and then you never do), those failed attempts at modeling chocolate.  Do I need to remind you of my Netflix binging?  Do I!!?

No, I do not.

Nathalie Sorenson has created Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate for those of us who have hot hands and tend to use modeling chocolate until we melt the poor stuff to death.  TO DEATH, I SAY!  No worries with this stuff.  You’re set.  Just order it.  And boom.  Done.  End of story.

Buy that here:  Hot Hands Modeling Chocolate


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