OSSAS 2011: And The Winners Are…

The results are in! What a great competition this year at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show. It was definitely a tough competition. The judges worked long and hard to decide who’s cake was the best of the best. Want to know who the winners are?? Here are the top winners!

Let’s start with 5th runner up…. Edith Hall!


Edith’s cake was one that looks so much more amazing up close.

The floating string work was suspended by 8 tiny support pieces.

This fabric technique is something I have never seen before. She used strips of fondant and weaved them together to create each panel.


The black and white flowers made a classy but fun cake.

4th Runner up is Rebecca Sutterby

This cake was so clean and pristine. Exactly what you would expect from the amazing Rebecca Sutterby.

The piping is perfectly symmetrical and such a beautiful design.

The flowers are just stunning.

I loved the gathered fabric and the bow. And it is so impressive to see all of the piped swirls standing away from the cake.

3rd Runner up is Mercedes Strachovsky

There was so much detail on this cake, it was almost impossible to take it all in.

Th flowers and ribbon gave such a light fairy feel.

The color choices were fabulous. Each tier added so much to the cake.

This little woodland fairy was so adorable. There was another little sleeping fairy tucked away inside the wooded area at the bottom.

2nd runner up goes to Lisa Bugeja

What a modern and beautiful cake!

The black and white flowers with the pop of yellow really helped this cake stand out.

These modern clean lines may look simple but they are exact and precise and not easy to accomplish.

This tier was definitely a show stopper. The stringwork is so perfect and everything is so perfectly symmetrical. It’s easy to see how this cake was so impressive to the judges.

1st Runner up is Pamela Tsaldaris

This was a very cool oriental style cake.

The detail work was immaculate.

The colors were very bold. It tells the story about a warrior named Oba. I will have to do my research and find out more.

I loved the top tier of this cake. It was very detailed and very well made.

And the Grand Prize goes to….. Gary Silverthorn!!

Congratulations Gary!

This cake was true perfection.

The cake was styled after Queen Elizabeth’s most popular dress called the peacock dress.

The colors were so bold, just like a peacock. The color choices were spot on. And look at the perfect symmetry.

You can see the influence of Queen Elizabeth’s dress here. The gold collar is suggested very creatively. It was truly an awe inspiring cake to look at. And now we have a new Grand Champion. Congratulations again to Gary Silverthorn. A well deserved win.

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  1. Roberta Graham says:

    Thanks so much for posting pictures and everything from OSSAS. For those of us who were unable to go, it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work with Cafefu!!

  2. Carolyn Lawrence says:

    Beautiful cakes -what else would we expect out of these competitors!! They are all world class and I’m sure judging was not an easy task!

  3. Carri Allen says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures you have of the Oklahoma show – it’s wonderful to see the cakes I may never see in person being from MA! Keep sending them!

  4. Gary’s cake was beautiful and flawless. The detail was impeccable. You had to be there congrats Gary

  5. Cindy Meyer says:

    Truly amazing cakes, all of them. I loved the flowers & stringwork and the colors were dazzling.

  6. Vilate Thacker says:

    WOW… they are all so amazing. I am so glad I don’t have to judge them. I just get to enjoy them. Congrats to everyone!!

  7. Chris says:

    Thanks for sharing, very awesome cakes

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