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When I started creating cake, the first thing that pulled me in was the amazing sugar flowers.  So gorgeous, and so intricate in design.  The most amazing flowers, could take a simple buttercream cake to the edge of couture.  I would see cakes that were so demure, and stunning, that I craved the knowledge to accomplish said cake.

Do you have this same desire to learn these flowers?  Guess what!!?  I’m going to give you a nice little gift package of the most amazing sugar flowers created by some amazing artists and the best part?


Next week we will take a closer look at some in-depth, paid tutorials.

Sugar Anemone Flower


First on my list is one by our favorite cake leader, Ron Ben Israel.  He is going to show us how to create this vibrant Anemone Flower.  This flower is an easier flower if you’re just starting out.  >>tutorial here: Anemone Flower





Calla/Arum Lily Tutorial

Calla-Arum Lily by Dusky Rose Veiners

These gorgeous and super easy Calla’s are one of the first flowers I made.  So easy and absolutely stunning when paired with some awesome dusts.  Later in this article, I’ll give you the hookup for my personal favorite and unfailing dusts.

Dusky Rose Veiners in the UK made this tutorial and did a FAB job.  So clear and easy to understand.  They have SEVERAL awesome tutorials.

Find the tutorial here>>  Calla/Arum Lily Tutorial


Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose cakes cakes and more cakes This really pretty little rose is just so cute.  I love how easy this one is too.  I could see an entire cake with these just draped around it.  Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes blog created this tutorial in 2010, and it’s had a quite a few people using it.

You’ll die when you see how easy the center is.  I know when I saw it was thought -SERIOUSLY?!?  THAT EASY!?  WHYYYYY did I think that was the hardest part!?

Tutorial here>> Christmas Rose

Frangipani Flower (Hawaiian Flower)

frangipani flowers

These gorgeous flowers are also known as Plumeria.  They are everywhere in Hawaii.  They smell AMAZING.  And they’re so pretty.  Another easy, yet gorgeous flower.  My Little Party Planner has done a fab YouTube video on the making of them.  Perfect for your beach cakes!

Tutorial Here>>  Frangipani Flower




Edna's Rose

Edna De la Cruz is well known in the cake community for her videos and roses.  She has quite literally anything you can think of to achieve just about anything you’re looking for.  Find her website here:  Design Me a Cake

Achieve the roses by watching these 6 FREE videos:  Rose Tutorial



Veiners, Cutters, and Petal Dusts

Ruth Rickey veiners molds petal dustFor petal dusts that work so absolutely well, and don’t fail, I use Ruth Rickey’s line of dusts.  She can be found at Sugar Gypsy.  Ruth is a renowned Master Sugar Artist.  She’s won so many awards, I can’t even tell you how many.  She travels all over for cake shows to judge them, and sell her amazing molds.

She has realistic molds, veiners, petal dusts and just about anything you can think of for creating the perfect combinations of flowers.  She has a method she uses called the Twiddle Method, used to vein flowers and petals and you don’t have to wait to use.  Doing this Twiddle method you also don’t need a Celboard, so that’s a major bonus in my book.  Her free video is here:  Twiddle Method


Now, I have looked around, and you can find absolutely any sugar flower, on the world wide web, for free.  Be careful with this.  Just because you found one for free, doesn’t mean it’s going to be correct.  I’d hate for someone to find a tutorial for a rose, and end up making a carnation.  Mother nature is always your best teacher.  Purchase the real thing when available and study it’s qualities.  If you aren’t going for “botanically correct”, then worry not.  Just have fun and do your best!

YouTube has endless tutorials.  But here is a page my friend Anna Garcia shared with me.  It has absolutely a ton of free tutorials for sugar flowers.  That link is here:  Floralilie – Sugar Art.


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