Sugar Shoes: How to Make Gumpaste Shoes

Shoes are the number one accessory. People love their shoes. So why not put them on a cake? Shoe cakes have been popular for quite a while and it seems that they are here to stay. So, let’s talk shoes… gumpaste shoes!

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ tutorial for gumpaste shoes. There are so many different styles and types of shoes. So I have found a few tutorials that I think are a pretty good range of styles that can be referred to for most of your shoe projects.

How to Make Gumpaste Manolo Blahnik Shoe

This Manolo Sedarby D’orsay shoe tutorial is a great basic high heel shoe tutorial with an addition of some stylish details.

In this tutorial, Rose Sen at gives you a template for the sole, lining, back, and top of the shoe. She also explains how she created a structure to dry her shoe properly.

I love the look of the gathering and the jeweled ring on the top to hold it all together. It’s a great shoe and Rose did a beautiful job.

How to Make Gumpaste Stiletto Shoe

Roxanne, also known as “the Cake Engineer” created a very detailed Stiletto that is sure to impress and she shows how she did it at

I love the leopard print and the red with gold beads. And that zipper is so great.

The structure of the shoe is spot on, Roxanne’s engineering skills really paid off with this project. It looks like this shoe is ready for the runway.

Roxanne has a video and kit that she sells on her website for this shoe. It’s definitely worth checking out.

How to Make Gumpaste Bunny Baby Booties

We’re going to shift to baby shoes now. What is cuter than baby shoes? They are so tiny and adorable. Is there anything more precious?

These bunny booties made by Melissa at are the perfect little snuggly slippers. If you want a basic baby booty, this tutorial is perfect. Just skip the bunny steps.

But why would you do that? The bunnies are so cute! I especially love her method of adding texture. It gives a nice sense of softness.

How to Make Gumpaste Baby Crocs

This tutorial is in Dutch but these crocs were so cute I just had to share them! You can translate the words or just follow the pictures. The pictures walk you through it pretty well.

Since I don’t speak Dutch, I wasn’t able to track down the name of the artist but is where you can find the instructions for this adorable pair of baby crocs.

How to Make Gumpaste Ballet Slippers

And we can’t forget about ballet slippers. Shirley Wilson created a tutorial for on how to make this cute pair of ballet slippers.

It was pretty clever of Shirley to use an actual pair of ballet slippers as the form for the project.

What little girl doesn’t love ballet? I know my little girl does. I may just have to make these for her birthday that is coming up soon.


So now the question is, which shoe are you going to make first?


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  1. angie mizon says:

    Thanks Jacque wonderful shoe tutorials, I often get asked “How on earth do you make!!!!!!”

  2. Martha T says:

    I have had the pleasure of watching Roxanne demo a shoe, but these tutorials are great and those baby booties and crocs are adorable. I know what I will be doing as soon as I find some free time!

  3. Karen says:

    where can information about class or Dvd or tutorials

  4. jennifer says:

    Love them all..thanks for sharing

  5. mydearbakes says:

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing! =)

  6. ekant says:

    Thanx for sharing, this art is mesmerizing.

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  9. I love these, especially the one with cute bunny ears! I tried making a pair of baby Chucks but failed, LOL! I hope I’d be successful when I try one of these.

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