Turkey Cake: Inside the Cake Batter

photo (6)Thanksgiving is over and so is Christmas for that matter but this cake was one that I thought would be fun to share.

We have had a huge response to our posts about decorating the batter of a cake and we have even done a CakeFu training on the subject.

This cute and creative Turkey Cake was created by Elaine Brown after watching the CakeFu training on Cake Batter Designs. Here is Elaine’s creative twist.

Turkey Cake

Items needed:

White cake batter
Colors: brown, teal/aqua, juniper green, and black
Plastic cups
Plastic spoons
Small balls of fondant in white, black, red, orange

To make a more dense cake use several white cake mixes with the same amount of eggs, half the oil and same amount of water each recipe calls for minus two tablespoons of water for each mix. If you use different kinds of cake batter some will overpower others in the baking process and mess up the design. Use only white and color/flavor it.

Fill plastic cups with batter. Leave one white, and color the others with (I used Americolor) brown, teal/aqua, juniper green, and black. Make an extra black or brown whichever you chose to use for the turkeys body. Use plastic spoons to mix the color in the batter well.

Spray your pan with a cooking spray or whatever you normally use. i do not flour the pan. Keep your cups in order for the colors.

Holding the cup over the center of the cake pan put a spoon of white in the very center. Then place a spoon of the next color in the center of that. Alternate the colors putting white in between each one. The white helps to separate the colors better for a more clear design. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re going to change the design anyway. When the pan is half full of batter you’re finished dropping the colors.

Use a clean toothpick each time. Insert the toothpick at the top of the pan and drag to the bottom center of the pan. With a new toothpick about 1/4″ to 1/2″ to the right drag another line. Each time you should end up at the bottom center. When you complete the right half start on the left half and do the same thing.

photo2 (5)

Once you’ve finished creating your design take the extra cup of black or brown you made and slowly pour it in at the bottom and make the shape of the Turkeys body. If its not perfect use toothpicks to go around it until its smooth and perfect.

Place in the oven at 325 at around 30 minutes depending on what size pan you’re using. I used a 12″ pan. Try not to open the oven! Its hard, I know! Keep the light on so you can see it. When you see the sides have started to pull away from the edge of the pan it is ready to come out.

photo1 (5)

Immediately remove from the pan and let cool, design side up of course. If you wait to take it out of the pan a lot of the moisture rises to the top of the cake and you take a chance of pulling off some of your design when you get ready to fill it. Try not to touch the top at all after this. Do not cover it with parchment or anything. The entire design will come off with the parchment.

Tort/slice the cake through the middle, fill with buttercream or your choice of filling. Make little eyeballs, an orange beak, and a red gobbler out of fondant. Do not put the face on until you’re ready to serve the cake. The fondant will melt due to the moisture in the cake. Place the face very carefully because if you try to remove it at all your design will come off with it.

photo (6)

I hope you have fun making your own turkeys!

Elaine Brown

Left over batter: Don’t waste it. I like to take a square pan and pour one cup in each corner (using the colors) then take some of the left over white and splash it through the center. Then i take toothpicks and either go in circles making a swirl all the way around to the center or even just use the toothpicks to drag some of the white into the colors.

photo (5)

Elaine Brown

Elaine is a Sugar Art Instructor and a Jewelry Instructor. She received a third place ribbon at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in 2011. She’s a member of the T-Town Cake Club and a proud volunteer baker for Icing Smiles.


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